FT8 Acoustic coupling

To me, FT8 is almost a bit too robotic for my tastes. I like live interaction. But it can still be a lot of fun, especially when you can get it to work in conditions other modes can’t. It really is amazing what it can do in high-noise conditions like my backyard.

The other day, I was working on getting Rig Control working from my Macbook Air to my IC-718. To test it, I opened wsjt-x to make sure it could change the radio’s frequencies on demand.

In the process, something cool happened, which I videoed for a buddy. (PSE excuse the sloppiness and my manner of speaking- I really was originally just recording it for my pal.)

The radio was on and the FT8 noises were coming out, and getting picked up by the (highly inferior audio quality) internal mic of the laptop, and that was enough for wsjt-x to decode the signals.

So then, I tried acousticly coupling the microphone, too, to see if it would work. Everything was the same as in the video, only when wsjt-x went to transmit, I keyed up the hand mic near the laptop speaker, and unkeyed when the sound stopped. It worked with these results:

Moral: Always try stupid things.

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